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Private Firearm Training

Private Instruction Rates

Private Instruction - Single $45.00
Private Instruction - Couple $55.00
Lesson Gun Rental - Handgun $10.00
Private instruction rates are based on cost per hour. Standard rates include the use of SIRT- laser training pistol and a .22 LR caliber pistol. Additional firearm rentals are available at the published rate.

Firearm safety is your responsibility!  

Understanding the fundamentals of the firearms you already own or plan to own can avoid costly consequences.  Proper firearm training should be considered no matter what experience level you rate yourself.  Ask yourself, “Do I know how to properly store, clean, load, unload, handle and execute shots on target?”, “Do I know how to clear a malfunction or misfire safely?” and “Do I have a full understanding of how my firearm operates?” These are basic knowledge and skills all firearm owners should be proactive in understanding.

Every day, firearm accidents occur!  These are largely due to improper storage and/or handling.  Simple steps can be taken to avoid embarrassing and sometimes unintentional deadly accidents.  Our employees and instructors have years of firearm experience and still actively participate in advanced training to reinforce proper safe firearm handling.

Sport shooting is both fun and rewarding when practiced often and safely.  Proper training can quickly correct bad habits and improve your shooting experience.

Owners considering firearms for self protection should consider recurring training.  Proper defensive techniques, if not practiced, can lead to a false sense of security.  Learned firearm skills diminish over time!  Continued training and practice of firearm fundamentals will ensure confidence and accuracy.

Our goal is to promote safe shooting techniques, reinforce your current knowledge and build your skill to your desired experience level.  A proper understanding of the basic shooting fundamentals is the key to increasing your level of comfort, skill, speed and accuracy. 

We currently only offer private instruction by appointment.  Signing up for our newsletter will keep you informed as we begin offering group instruction in the future.  Although group instruction is more cost effective and the lessons/information is relatively the same, private instruction promotes a higher level of understanding and can be custom tailored to focus on the shooters individual weaknesses.

We would like the opportunity to understand your goals and work with you to achieve them.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment, a convenient training location and a training firearm.